What's a ContactLink?

Phone Numbers & Emails on Websites Don't Work

Every business website has a phone number and an email address or contact form.  But customers know they’re not going to get a real person when they call.  And if they use the contact form, their message could get lost in all the SPAM.

If you want to win the customer, you need to get them on a video call before they talk to a real person at your competitor.  You need to be responsive – just a text message or video call away.  Without giving up your privacy and your weekends.

It’s time for a better solution –the ContactLink.

Give Them a ContactLink Instead!

Give them a ContactLink – it’s better contact info that protects your privacy. From that link they can call, text or email you. Or do a video call/meeting! They don’t need to download, install or set up anything. They can just click the link.

Their calls and messages will always get through, and won’t get lost in the flood of SPAM & Robocalls. But if you need to end the conversation, just cancel their link. They never had your phone or email.

A ContactLink is better contact info – more reliable for them and better privacy for you.

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Meet our mascot and team

  • The ContactLink project is led by Jesse Hercules, a serial entrepreneur and founder of successful technology businesses –along with his technology team that’s worked together more than 10 years.
  • Jesse and the team founded ExtraconScience LLC, a leading employee wellness technology company, working with Fortune 500 clients, major hospitals and large Health Insurance carriers for the last 10+ years.
  • ContactLink is a new product from a successful team which has created large-scale, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solutions for some of the largest organizations in the United States.
  • Our little monster mascot is Link. He has a single vision to do right for our users.  We get $0 from advertisers and never sell your attention or your data.

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